Careers at Narrative

Careers at Narrative

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Create things that matter

At Narrative, we thrive to create the best possible working environment for you to grow in. We are powered by people and every member of our team fuels the company with creativity, passion and curiosity. Join us in creating a new way to capture and tell the story of your life.

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Our way of working

Cutting edge product

Working on a product that is seen as the cutting edge of technology is both challenging and rewarding. Narrative employees are breaking new grounds every day, and there are no maps drawn of the territories we need to cross; we are like the first astronauts on a new planet.

Personal development

There are no boundaries to your personal development at Narrative. As a Narrative employee, you are either a regular attendee or a speaker of world-renowned conferences. Narrative is a platform for your personal development and your personal brand.

Create value

Narrative’s strategy is to create value; success may come as a side effect but the metrics we care about relates to if we are changing people’s lives for the better. If you share this point of view, you belong at Narrative.

Life matters

At Narrative your work/life balance matters. No one is allowed to routinely work overtime, so your work will not get in the way of your life or family. You are free to decide when and where you work, as long as you plan your work together with your team.